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IASAS Softball Championships

Posted on 11 April 2012 by dharter

Singapore American School hosts the 2012 IASAS Softball Championships.  Follow the action and results at the SAS Eye website here:



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Day 1 – IASAS Championships

Posted on 20 October 2011 by dharter

We are underway!  Check out the live action from the Stadium Field and the HS Gym at SAS.  Live stream here:  http://iasas.sasclubs.com/

You will need to download the octoshape app to view the stream.

Best of luck to all the teams!  The Spirit of IASAS is spreading throughout the world!

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IASAS First Season Championships

Posted on 18 October 2011 by dharter

On October 20-22, Singapore American School hosts a special first season IASAS Championships by bringing together all three sports for the 30th anniversary.  Cross Country, Soccer, and Volleyball all meet in Singapore this week to compete.  Follow the action through live streaming hosted at:  http://iasas.sasclubs.com/

Also follow us on Twitter @iasas or with the hashtag #iasas

And join us on Facebook at our Official Fan page.

Singapore American School’s HS journalists will be covering the event on the SASEye Online magazine.

SAS logo

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IASAS turns 30

Posted on 19 September 2011 by dharter

2011 is upon the IASAS schools and this year marks a special landmark for our organization.  This year is the 30th year of IASAS!

Over the years there have been thousands of athletes and artists, delegates and performers participate in IASAS events.  In many cases competition has highlighted the events themselves, but camaraderie and bonding have stood the test of time.  This site and our Facebook fan page have proven that the IASAS family has remained strong for the first 30 years and continues to grow stronger into our future.

SAS EagleTo commemorate the special anniversary, Singapore American School will be hosting the first season sports of Cross Country, Soccer, and Volleyball all together – just like in the old days!  From October 20th to 22nd, it will be a celebration of IASAS togetherness in the true spirit of competition and sportsmanship.

Follow all the results and action at the main page: http://iasas.sasclubs.com

Or at the individual sports pages:

Of course, you can also come back to IASAS.asia to connect to all that’s happening!

Happy 3oth, IASAS.  Looking as great as ever!

iasas at 30

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IASAS Tennis Championships

Posted on 24 January 2011 by dharter

Singapore American School play host to this year’s IASAS Tennis Championships.  Visit this site for scores and media from Singapore.



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MUN 2010 is here

Posted on 08 November 2010 by dharter

Singapore American School hosts the 2010 Model United Nations.  SAS welcomes the five other IASAS schools as well as schools from the region for the 3 day event.  More news to come.

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IASAS Track & Field

Posted on 31 March 2010 by dharter

Singapore American School hosts the 2010 IASAS Track & Field Championships on April 8-10.  Get a birds-eye view of the action from their full field Live Stream and keep up with the results as they come in at their website:  http://cms.sas.edu.sg/trackandfield.

The final season of the IASAS year is here!

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IASAS Swimming video

Posted on 01 February 2010 by iasas

Relive the great moments of the IASAS Swimming Highlight video.  Thanks to SAS for putting this together!

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IASAS Swimming in Singapore- Thursday Updates

Posted on 28 January 2010 by iasas

By John Liao and Aarti SreenivasDSC_0300web


The freestyle 200m finals saw Jonathan Lee of Taipei clinch first place and Ted Chritton of Singapore secure second.

For the 100m breaststroke, Kareem Gibson of Kuala Lumpur took first for both the preliminary and final rounds with a time of 1.08.86, three seconds away from breaking the 2005 IASAS record set by Spencer Raymond of Singapore.

For the 50m butterfly, KL Panther Levar Goosen placed first (26.43), breaking the IASAS record (26.52). He was followed by Johnathan Lee, who broke the TAS school record. Dragon Dimas Sukirno took bronze, breaking the JIS school record.

In the boys 100m backstroke, ISB Pather Joe Kaewbaidhoon was awarded his first gold by breaking his school record set in 2004 by Schylar Rockery with a time of 1:02.26. Tiger William Cheng took second (1:02.63), and Eagle Ted Chritton third (1:04.58).

The 400m Individual Medley began with Tiger Viktor Bjork leading in the fly, Eagles Dennis Chu and Dan Yamamoto, and Dragon Justin Buck close behind. Bjork pulled further ahead during the backstroke while Buck, Chu and Yamamoto battled for second. Ultimately, Bjork won gold (4:42.71) and Chu silver (5:00.44). Buck took silver (4:51.42) breaking the JIS school record.

The 200m freestyle relay saw the Eagles, Dragons and Panthers head-to-head for the first leg. But Christian Fam sped ahead in the second leg taking the lead for ISB. The Panthers won gold and set a new ISB school record of 1:41.16. The Eagles took second (1:43.99), and the Dragons third (1:46.63).


The 200m freestyle saw two SAS swimmers, co-captain Therese Vainus and Amanda Alberts secure first and third respectively. JIS swimmer Netta Charlermpalanupap took second place with a time of 2.15.27 for the Dragons.

Freshman Tove Bjork of Taipei crushed the IASAS record for the 100m breaststroke with a time of 1.16.31. Claiming second place was ISKL Diana Redza, with ISB Taylor Burke in third.

ISB Panther Jane Rungrotekitsakul pulled in first in the girls 50m butterfly (30.00) breaking the IASAS record (30.70). She was followed by Eagle Maya Kale (30.55) breaking the SAS record (30.70). ISKL Panther Stephanie Chan placed third (34.02).

In the 100m backstroke ISKL Panther Sabrinne Gibson placed first with a time of 1.07.20, breaking her school record (1.08.23). Placing second was Jenny Alberts of SAS with a time of 1.09.65. Netta Chalermpalanupap of JIS took third with a time of 1.10.54.

In the girls 400m IM, ISB Panther Taylor Burke finished in 5 minutes, 22.99 seconds, well ahead of second-place finisher Tove Bjork, who touched in 5:27.23 setting the new TAS record. Eagle Maya Kale secured third (5:29.37) with ISKL Panther Diana Redza in fourth after touching in 5:31.22 smashing the ISKL record of 5:33.88 she set previously this year.

The SAS girls 200m freestyle relay team consisting of Captain Roxy Hesh, and Freshmen Amanda Alberts, Tanvi Ahuja and Monica Chritton, won gold with a time of 2:01.52. SAS was the clear winner by the third leg while ISB and JIS fought for second place competing head-to-head. The Jakarta Dragons took silver (2:05.87) and the Taipei Tigers took bronze (2.06.68).

Official Final Results:


Official Records:




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Swimming 2010

Posted on 20 January 2010 by dharter

Singapore American School host the IASAS Swim Championships on January 28-30th.

Visit here to see results as they come in!


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