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Inaugural IASAS Baseball and Fastpitch Softball Championships at SAS April 6-8

Posted on 29 March 2017 by dharter

Third season championships are here and this year, Singapore American School hosts the first ever IASAS Baseball and Fastpitch Softball Championships on April 6-8. Follow all the results, live action, and full media coverage by SAS’s The Eye at their specially dedicated site,

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 7.05.26 AM






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2016 IASAS 3rd Season Summary: Badminton, Golf, Softball and Track & Field

Posted on 10 April 2016 by sloanr

The 2015-2016 IASAS 3rd Season came to a conclusion on 9 April with some exciting finishes. Congratulations to all the athletes who participated in their sport as well as a huge thank you to the host school communities for their hard work in making the tournaments a success.  The results from each sport are shown below.

Boys: Gold – ISKL,  Silver – SAS,  Bronze – ISB    Badminton_BoysGold  Badminton_BoysBronze

Girls: Gold – TAS, Silver – SAS, Bronze – ISB       Badminton_GirlsGold     Badminton_GirlsBronze


Boys: Golf_BoysTeamResults

Individual Results: Golf_BoysIndivResults

Girls: Golf_GirlsTeamResults

Individual Results: Golf_GirlsIndivResults


Boys: Gold – ISB, Silver – ISM, Bronze – SAS

Girls: Gold – ISB, Silver – SAS, Bronze – ISM

Track & Field:


Event results are found here :IASAS-2016-Results



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2016 Season 3 Softball @ ISB 7-9 April

Posted on 06 April 2016 by sloanr

This 2016 Slowpitch Softball tournament will be the last of it’s kind. Starting in 2017 the tournament will feature fastpitch softball for the girls and baseball for the boys.

ISB is hosting the tournament and they will honor the thirty-three years of IASAS Softball at the Opening Ceremony, which will be streamed live. Be sure to check out the tournament action and information at the ISB site linked here.  Games will start on Thursday, 7 April with finals held on Saturday 9 April. Don’t miss the final slowpitch IASAS tournament, follow the action on the ISB softball site.


2016-Softball_33 LogoReszed12016-Softball_Booklet Cover FINAL_Reszed







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2015 Season 3 Results Summary

Posted on 13 April 2015 by sloanr

IASAS Season 3 wrapped-up on 12 April concluding another successful year of competition. Many thanks to the athletes, parents, alumni and school communities for making the year a success.

Here are the 3rd Season results. Click on the thumbnails to see the entire image. (When more information is known this page will be updated.)

Boys: 2015BoysSoftballResults   Girls: 2015GirlsSoftballResults


Boys                                                    Girls
2015Golf_Boys             2015Golf_Girls

Track & Field – Team Results (Go to results page to find individual event results.)  The SAS Eye has photos, interviews and much more for information about this year’s Track & Field events at this link.

Boys                                                        Girls

2015Track_Boys                     2015Track_girls

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2015 Season 3 Softball @ JIS 10 – 12 April

Posted on 09 April 2015 by sloanr

JIS hosts IASAS softball with games taking place from 10 – 12 April. You can follow all the action via the JIS site linked here. You will find live streams, photos, results and more so that you can be as close to the action as your computer or mobile device will allow!

Thank you to the JIS community for hosting our athletes and best of luck to the athletes and coaches.




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2014 Season 3 Sports Summary

Posted on 16 April 2014 by sloanr

This year’s 3rd season events went off without a hitch. Good weather dominated most venues (softball always has rain/storm delays so the softball teams are always thankful when they have full games and a complete schedule!) and the competition was keen. Here are some results and highlights.  (Links in results go to YouTube video of the medal round matches.)

Boys: 1st TAS;  2nd ISB;  3rd ISKL;  4th ISM;  5th JIS;  6th SAS
Girls:  1st TAS;  2nd SAS;  3rd ISM;  4th ISB;  5th JIS;  6th ISKL

Boys:  1st TAS;  2nd SAS;  3rd ISB;  4th ISM;  5th ISKL;  6th JIS
Girls:   1st ISB;  2nd SAS;  3rd TAS;  4th JIS;  5th ISM;  6th ISKL

Boys:  1st ISB;  2nd SAS;  3rd TAS;  4th ISKL;  5th ISM;  6th JIS
Girls:   1st SAS;  2nd ISM;  3rd ISB;  4th TAS;  5th JIS;  6th ISKL

Track & Field
Boys:  1st ISM;  2nd SAS;  3rd JIS;   4th ISB;  5th TAS;  6th ISKL
Girls:   1st SAS;  2nd ISM;  3rd TAS;  4th ISKL;  5th JIS;  6th ISB

The IASAS Triple-Four Award  (Goes to an athlete who participated in a sport each season, each year.)
ISB – Katie Henderson, Jayna Milan, Cha Patra-Yanan;  ISKL – Saskia Blackburn, Martin Sung;  ISM – Valerie Toze

Golf Individual Leaders both Boys & Girls (click image)Golf Results Individuals

All Tournament:  Boys: ISB – Joseph Almlie 12, Connor Curtis 12, Yuta Koiwai 12, Hangyu Shin 9; SAS – Josh Dawe 12, Tucker Erdmann 12, Daniel McConaghy 11; TAS – JinHo Dupont 12, Vincent Yang 12; ISKL – Miguel Habana 11; ISM – Rafael Esguerra 10; JIS – Jeremy Kerson 12
Girls: SAS – Allena Ferguson 12, Tess Nelligan 11, Devon Reagan 12, Chris Schindele 12; ISM – Andy Ayala 12, Monica Martinez 9, Chiara Squillantini 10; ISB – Toffy Charupatanapongse 12, Crystal Lam 12; TAS – Allison Chu 9; JIS – Taylor Larson 11; ISKL – Alexa Leisure 12

Badminton All Tournament
Boys: S1 – Morgan Chien-Hale TAS;  S2 – Phone Vilailuck ISB;  S3 – Shivam Yadav ISKL;  D1 – Nick Chang & Dong Eun Lee ISM;  D2 – Ray Chen & Virgil Hsu TAS; A – Sean Lin TAS
Girls: S1 – Caroline Tung TAS;  S2 – Florence Lo TAS;  S3 – Annie Chen TAS;  D1 – Irene Wu & Phoebe Tseng TAS;  D2 – Vritti Sethi & Monica Yen SAS; A – Kelly Wong TAS

Track Record Breakers (click image)    Track_RecordBreakers





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2014 Badminton And Softball @ SAS 10 – 12 April

Posted on 08 April 2014 by sloanr

This year SAS will host both Badminton and Softball @ the beautiful and spacious Woodlands campus.

The tournament website is here.  From there you can check both Badminton and Softball.

Badminton will be streamed live on the tournament website but only the Consolation and Final matches will be archived on YouTube.

Softball will not be streamed live but you can follow all the action on GameChanger. The link to GameChanger is here: Look for IASAS Softball and the 2014 IASAS Softball listing …  or  for Girls’  games use this link and find the school you want to follow, for Boys’ games the link is here, then find the team you want to follow.  Consolation games and Final game will be archived on YouTube.

If you want to receive “fan notifications” for boys’ teams use this link. If you want to follow along and receive “fan notifications” for the girls’ teams use this link.






Tournament Website:


Girls’ Softball Fan link:

Boy’s Softball Fan link:


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2013 Softball @ TAS

Posted on 06 April 2013 by sloanr

It was a rainy and cool setting in Taipei but the teams played on each day with no delays. You can find all the information you want on TAS Softball website.   Scores and more can be found on the website.

Girls Results


Boys Results


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IASAS Season 3 Competition: 11 April – 13 April

Posted on 09 March 2013 by sloanr

IASAS competitions begin Thursday the 11th of April with Track & Field @ ISM, Golf @ ISKL, Badminton @ JIS and Softball @ TAS.

Track information can be found here.  Golf results are here. Softball streaming and live scoring is here. For Badminton information click here.

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IASAS Softball Championships

Posted on 11 April 2012 by dharter

Singapore American School hosts the 2012 IASAS Softball Championships.  Follow the action and results at the SAS Eye website here:


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