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IASAS Swimming hosted by ISKL, Feb 2-4

Posted on 26 January 2017 by dharter

The IASAS Swimming Championships 2017 are hosted by The International School of Kuala Lumpur, February 2-4 at the Melawati Pool.

Follow all of the action, including live streaming of the event (click on the Melawati Pool banner) at the dedicated website for this event.

Swim Banner

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2016 2nd Season Tournament Summary

Posted on 31 January 2016 by sloanr

Congratulations to all who participated and contributed to the successful tournaments held over the 28 – 30 January time period. There were some great plays, good sportsmanship and many new friendships made during the events. Thanks to all the hosting schools for once again putting forth the extra effort to make the IASAS experience a memorable one.

All information regarding results that is available at the time of this post are included. The full results will be updated when the information is available.  (Click each thumbnail image to see the full image.)


Swimming:  Team results are: 2016_Results-Swim-Team                    Results for each event can be found at this link.

Rugby:  2016_Results-Rugby                        Touch: 2016_Results-Touch

Tennis:   Girls – 2016_Results-Tennis-Girls-Bronze 2016_Results-Tennis-Girls-Finals

Boys – 2016_Results-Tennis-Boys-Bronze 2016_Results-Tennis-Boys-Finals

Basketball: (At this time, only Bronze and Fourth place teams are known.)

Girls – Gold  SAS   Silver  ISM   Bronze ISKL  4th place TAS                             (Thank you for the updates Mr. Magill & Hannah W.!)

Boys – Gold  SAS    Silver  JIS    Bronze TAS   4th place ISB

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2016 IASAS 2nd Season Swimming @ SAS

Posted on 23 January 2016 by sloanr

IASAS Swimming travels to SAS with events beginning on 28 January with the final day of action on Saturday, 30 January. Schedule of events, results, streaming* and more can be found here.


Thursday  28 January Schedule: Sessions 1 & 2            Friday  29 January Schedule:  Sessions 3 & 4       Saturday 30 January Schedule: Sessions 5 & 6

Streaming will require a download of the Infinite HD App. A window will pop-up for you to choose to download the app or to reject the download. The download is not automatic.



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2015 Season 2 Results

Posted on 31 January 2015 by sloanr

Another successful IASAS Season 2 has concluded. Congratulations to all the athletes, parents, coaches and tournament staff for giving the IASAS community some wonderful memories. The streaming and websites from each school require a lot of work and a big thank you goes out to all involved in bringing the events to the entire IASAS community, especially to the alumni who cheer on their teams from afar. Well done one and all.

Here are the results:  (Click on images to view.)

Basketball:  2015_BasketballResults

Rugby:  2015_RugbyResults

Touch:  2015_TouchResults


Swimming:  Results from the ISB Blog:  2015_SwimResults

Records Broken: 2015_SwimRecords

Tennis: (Click on image to enlarge)   2015_BoysTennis_FinalMatches     2015_GirlsTennis_FinalMatches

Individual Tennis Scores: 2015_BoysTennis_IndividualResults   2015_GirlsTennis_IndividualResults

Scores from Medal Rounds:  2015_BoysTennis_FinalMatch  2015_BoysTennis_3_4_Match

2015_GirlsTennis_FinalMatch   2015_GirlsTennis_3_4Match


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2015 Season 2 Rugby – Touch & Swimming @ ISB

Posted on 24 January 2015 by sloanr

ISB will be a busy campus from 29 January – 31 January as they host IASAS Rugby, Touch and Swimming.

The ISB site for updates on all the sporting news & streams from the “Panther Den” can be found here.

Twitter users should  use the hashtag:  #iasasbkk   and there is a Facebook page created for the events at:

ISB has given you plenty of opportunities to connect with the Rugby, Touch and Swimming action taking place, thank you ISB!   The schedule of events @ ISB is shown below. (Click the schedule image or go the ISB tournament site.)

ISB_PostPic_R_T_S           ISB_Schedules



Main Website for events’ information:

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2014 IASAS Swimming @ ISM 6 – 8 February

Posted on 16 January 2014 by sloanr

The 2014 IASAS Swimming events will be held at ISM from Thursday, 6 February – 8 February.  Follow the action at ISM using the link here where you will find live streams, up-to-the-minute results, pictures and schedule.
2014_IASAS_ISM_-swim_web1                     Swim_Day1_2_Sched       Swim_Day3_Sched   Swim_WarmUp_Lanes

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2013 Swimming @ TAS

Posted on 26 January 2013 by sloanr

IASAS swimming at TAS begins 31 January and ends on 2 February. Be sure to check the website for schedules, results, photos and enjoy live swimming action on the TAS Ustream channel.

Website:   Stream:

The TAS Blue & Gold online will give you updates and stories on IASAS too!

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2012 IASAS Swimming at JIS

Posted on 29 February 2012 by iasas

On 2-4 February 2012, Jakarta International School hosted the 30th Annual IASAS Swimming

Swimming is an event of numbers: 60 houses needed, 1100 copies of meet programs
printed, 150 security badges distributed, 65 volunteers, 46,000 swimming website hits,
600 Feedback IASAS Swim Issues, 268 medals awarded, 31 school records broken, 4 IASAS
records broken. The best number? 120 visiting athletes & 17 coaches/AIC’s blessed us with
their presence & IASAS spirit!

Congratulations to the Eagle Boys and the Panther Girls for winning gold!

Final boys standings: SAS 1st, ISB 2nd, JIS 3rd, TAS 4th, ISM 5th, ISKL 6th
Final girls standings: ISKL 1st, SAS 2nd, TAS 3rd, JIS 4th, ISB 5th, ISM 6th


Spirit of IASAS Award Winners

  • Rachael Lee (ISM)
  • Meghan Edwards (ISKL)

Award 4 year IASAS Patches

  • ISB: Rahul Kuchibhatla, Preston Fernandez
  • ISKL: Ali Wheeler
  • ISM: Samata Pandey, Raymond Oo
  • JIS: Netta Chalermpalanupap, Isabelle Priosoetanto
  • SAS: Maya Kale, Carolyn Koh, Aditya Raikar
  • TAS: Samantha Lee, Tina Shih, William Cheng, Brian Tong

Award IASAS Swim Record Certificates & Patches

  • Kevin Tung, SAS, 100 Backstroke, official time 1:00.59
  • Kei Hyugo, SAS, 800 Freestyle, official time 8:07.61
  • Kei Hyugo, SAS, 400 Freestyle, official time of 4:02.35
  • Kevin Tung, SAS, 200 Backstroke, official time 2:13.42

•Award FINA High Point Award Winners

  • Boys winner Kei Hyugo, SAS= 752 points in 800 Freestyle
  • Girls winner Netta Chalermpalanupap, JIS = 573 points in 50 Freestyle

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IASAS Swimming at JIS

Posted on 02 February 2012 by iasas

Follow all the action at the official Swimming website.




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Day 1 Wrap Up

Posted on 27 January 2011 by dharter

Day 1 of the IASAS 2nd Season Championships are in the books and always it’s incredibly competitive out there.

For Tennis results from SAS.

For Basketball results from ISM.

For Swimming results from ISKL.

For  Rugby-Touch results from TAS.

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