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2015 Season 2 Rugby – Touch & Swimming @ ISB

Posted on 24 January 2015 by sloanr

ISB will be a busy campus from 29 January – 31 January as they host IASAS Rugby, Touch and Swimming.

The ISB site for updates on all the sporting news & streams from the “Panther Den” can be found here.

Twitter users should  use the hashtag:  #iasasbkk   and there is a Facebook page created for the events at:

ISB has given you plenty of opportunities to connect with the Rugby, Touch and Swimming action taking place, thank you ISB!   The schedule of events @ ISB is shown below. (Click the schedule image or go the ISB tournament site.)

ISB_PostPic_R_T_S           ISB_Schedules



Main Website for events’ information:

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2014 IASAS Swimming @ ISM 6 – 8 February

Posted on 16 January 2014 by sloanr

The 2014 IASAS Swimming events will be held at ISM from Thursday, 6 February – 8 February.  Follow the action at ISM using the link here where you will find live streams, up-to-the-minute results, pictures and schedule.
2014_IASAS_ISM_-swim_web1                     Swim_Day1_2_Sched       Swim_Day3_Sched   Swim_WarmUp_Lanes

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2013 Swimming @ TAS

Posted on 26 January 2013 by sloanr

IASAS swimming at TAS begins 31 January and ends on 2 February. Be sure to check the website for schedules, results, photos and enjoy live swimming action on the TAS Ustream channel.

Website:   Stream:

The TAS Blue & Gold online will give you updates and stories on IASAS too!

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2012 IASAS Swimming at JIS

Posted on 29 February 2012 by jis

On 2-4 February 2012, Jakarta International School hosted the 30th Annual IASAS Swimming

Swimming is an event of numbers: 60 houses needed, 1100 copies of meet programs
printed, 150 security badges distributed, 65 volunteers, 46,000 swimming website hits,
600 Feedback IASAS Swim Issues, 268 medals awarded, 31 school records broken, 4 IASAS
records broken. The best number? 120 visiting athletes & 17 coaches/AIC’s blessed us with
their presence & IASAS spirit!

Congratulations to the Eagle Boys and the Panther Girls for winning gold!

Final boys standings: SAS 1st, ISB 2nd, JIS 3rd, TAS 4th, ISM 5th, ISKL 6th
Final girls standings: ISKL 1st, SAS 2nd, TAS 3rd, JIS 4th, ISB 5th, ISM 6th


Spirit of IASAS Award Winners

  • Rachael Lee (ISM)
  • Meghan Edwards (ISKL)

Award 4 year IASAS Patches

  • ISB: Rahul Kuchibhatla, Preston Fernandez
  • ISKL: Ali Wheeler
  • ISM: Samata Pandey, Raymond Oo
  • JIS: Netta Chalermpalanupap, Isabelle Priosoetanto
  • SAS: Maya Kale, Carolyn Koh, Aditya Raikar
  • TAS: Samantha Lee, Tina Shih, William Cheng, Brian Tong

Award IASAS Swim Record Certificates & Patches

  • Kevin Tung, SAS, 100 Backstroke, official time 1:00.59
  • Kei Hyugo, SAS, 800 Freestyle, official time 8:07.61
  • Kei Hyugo, SAS, 400 Freestyle, official time of 4:02.35
  • Kevin Tung, SAS, 200 Backstroke, official time 2:13.42

•Award FINA High Point Award Winners

  • Boys winner Kei Hyugo, SAS= 752 points in 800 Freestyle
  • Girls winner Netta Chalermpalanupap, JIS = 573 points in 50 Freestyle

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IASAS Swimming at JIS

Posted on 02 February 2012 by jis

Follow all the action at the official Swimming website.




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Day 1 Wrap Up

Posted on 27 January 2011 by dharter

Day 1 of the IASAS 2nd Season Championships are in the books and always it’s incredibly competitive out there.

For Tennis results from SAS.

For Basketball results from ISM.

For Swimming results from ISKL.

For  Rugby-Touch results from TAS.

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IASAS Results

Posted on 02 February 2010 by dharter


What a terrific 2nd Season!!  Congratulations to all participants.  Some amazing races, matches, and games.

Here are the final results from each of the 2nd Season IASAS venues:

Swimming @ SAS:


  1. SAS – 639.5
  2. ISB – 595.5
  3. JIS – 378.5
  4. ISKL – 358
  5. TAS – 317
  6. ISM – 137.5


  1. TAS – 554.5
  2. ISB – 481
  3. SAS – 468
  4. ISKL – 383
  5. JIS – 331.5
  6. ISM – 184

Click here to see the full results and all the records broken.

Tennis @ JIS


  1. TAS 5-0
  2. ISB 4-1
  3. SAS 3-2
  4. ISM 2-3
  5. JIS 1-4
  6. ISKL 0-5


  1. TAS 4-1
  2. JIS 4-1
  3. ISB 3-2
  4. SAS 3-2
  5. ISM 2-3
  6. ISKL 0-5

For the match results click here.

Basketball @ ISKL


  1. SAS
  2. TAS
  3. JIS
  4. ISB
  5. ISM
  6. ISKL


  1. SAS
  2. TAS
  3. ISB
  4. ISKL
  5. ISM
  6. JIS

Click here to see all the results and scores.

Touch @ JIS:

  1. ISM
  2. ISB
  3. SAS
  4. JIS
  5. TAS
  6. ISKL

Click here to see all the scores.

Rugby @ JIS

  1. JIS
  2. SAS
  3. ISB
  4. TAS
  5. ISM
  6. ISKL

Click here to see all the scores.

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IASAS Swimming video

Posted on 01 February 2010 by sas

Relive the great moments of the IASAS Swimming Highlight video.  Thanks to SAS for putting this together!

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IASAS Swimming in Singapore- Final Updates

Posted on 30 January 2010 by sas

SAS girls win gold

By Evan Petty, Stanton Yuwono and Sasha Jassem

The 400m freestyle finals commenced with a fairly even start, all participants on par in terms of speed.  Within the one minute period, ISKL Panther’s Diana Redza took the lead and powered ahead.

Redza was followed by Bangkok’s Taylor Burke and Taipei’s Tove Bjork in lane three.

In the end, Redza took first place (4:43.28) with Burke in second and Bjork in third.

In the 100m butterfly final, the swimmers were evenly matched as SAS sophomore Maya Kale started off with an early lead and ISB’s Jane Rungrotekitsakul trailed close behind. Remaining neck and neck until the last length of the 100 meters, Rungrotekitsakul pulled through winning ISB gold and beating the previous IASAS record of 1.05.81 with her time of 1.05.301.

Despite the threatening skies, the 200m backstroke continued without a hitch. Four-year veteran, Sabrinne Gibson of the ISKL Panthers took first place with a time of 2:26.06, just one second shy of the IASAS record. Trailing a couple seconds behind Gibson, Singapore’s Jenny Alberts took second place (2:33.11). Gibson and Alberts both held impressive leads over the other six swimmers.

The 50m freestyle finals ended dramatically with an SAS record broken by Eagle Therese Vainius, who came in first place with a time of 27.71. Cha Inn Moon of ISM previously held the IASAS record for this event (27.77), which was broken earlier in the day by JIS Dragon Netta Chalermpalanupap.

Following Vainius is Jakarta’s Netta Chalermpalanupap (27.74) and four-year veteran Sabrinne Gibson (28.39). In the final meters, Gibson, Chalermpalanupap and Vainius, evened out and all finished a few milliseconds apart.

With hopes of breaking the IASAS record of 4:08.98 in the 400 meter freestyle relay, the SAS came up just short with a time of 4:10.46. The Eagles’ time was still enough for first place – a perfect way to cap off their 12th consecutive IASAS gold medal.

Grabbing second place, with a time of 4:21.83, was ISKL. Their group of Diana Redza, Stephanie Chan, Lima Barbara and Sabrinne Gibson comfortably beat ISB, who came in at 4:30.98.

TAS boys win gold

By John Liao and Aarti Sreenivas

The 400m freestyle finals saw a surprising victory by Viktor Bjork of the Taipei Tigers, despite an impressive initial start by Bangkok’s Nelson Turk.

The event kicked off with Turk ahead of the pack, Singapore’s Ted Chritton just a few seconds behind. At the halfway mark, Bjork caught up, passed two swimmers, and secured first place (4:14:15).

Just behind Bjork, Eagle’s Ted Chritton won silver (4:14.15) and Kareem Gibson, ISKL four-year veteran, took bronze.

The final round of 100m butterfly, with an SAS swimmer in every heat, put pressure to on the Eagles represent SAS at home and their reputation for dominating IASAS swimming.

The 100m final was a tight race as TAS’s Johnathan Lee took an early lead and ISKL’s Levar Goossen and SAS’s Dennis Chu closed in from behind. Finally, Lee pulled through to take the gold, Goossen silver and Chu bronze.

The final 200m backstroke saw a victory for the Taipei Tigers with Viktor Bjork placing first (2:14.41). Following behind Bjork was Joe Kaewbaidhoon of the Bangkok Panthers (2:19.61). Both Bjork and Kaewbaidhoon had strong leads, with the rest of the participants struggling to keep up.

Eagle’s Dan Yamamoto caught up impressively after falling behind two places, putting him safely in fourth (2:23.91). Just two seconds ahead of him, William Cheng of TAS secured third place.
The 50m freestyle finals sped by with Levar Goossen taking first place at 23.99, just a few milliseconds away from the IASAS record of 23.93.

Goossen had an approximately two second lead on the other participants, who all had times around 25 seconds.
In the final boy’s event of the tournament, the ISKL Panthers secured the 4×100 freestyle relay gold medal. The relay team of Kareem Gibson, Alex Link, Emiro Goossen and Levar Goossen won at 3:40.53.

Challenging the Eagles for second was the team of Justin Buck, Sukirno Dimas, Hon Jiun Wong and Shin Young Sonn from JIS. The foursome finished at 3:49.07.

Less than a second ahead with a time of 3:48.15, the SAS Eagles narrowly took the silver medal but it was not enough to leapfrog ISB in the standings, ending the SAS gold streak. TAS and ISB each bumped up a spot from last year to first and second respectively.

New IASAS records:

Girls 100m Breast: Tove Bjork (TAS)
Boys 50m Fly: Levar Goossen (ISKL)
Girls 50m Fly: Jane Rungrotekitsakul (ISB)
Girls 200m Breast: Tove Bjork (TAS)
Boys 400m Medley Relay: William Cheng, Alex Li, Viktor Bjork, Johnathan Lee (TAS)
Girls 400m Medley Relay: Jenny Alberts, Carolyn Koh, Maya Kale, Therese Vainius (SAS)
Boys 50m Free: Levar Goossen (ISKL)
Girls 50m Free: Netta Chalermpapanupap (JIS)
Girls 100m Fly: Jane Rungroteskitsakul (ISB)

FINA awards:

Levar Goossen
670 points
Jane Rungroteskitsakul
651 points

After whirlpool

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IASAS Swimming in Singapore- Friday Updates

Posted on 30 January 2010 by sas

SAS girls beat IASAS recordBy Evan Petty, Stanton Yuwono and Ann Lee


In the 200m IM final, fans had the privilege of witnessing a convincing win by freshman Jane Rungrotekitsakul of the Bangkok Panthers with a time of 2:28.26 while Maya Kale of Singapore and Sabrinne Gibson of Kuala Lumpur battled it out for second. Neck-and-neck for the vast majority of the 200 meters, neither seemed to be able to out-swim the other, though in the end Kale came out on top, pulling ahead in the final few meters, finishing second in 2:32.30 with Gibson finishing third in 2:32.41.

In the 800m freestyle final the crowd saw Bangkok Panther and former Singapore Eagle Paige Carmichael comfortably clinch gold with a time of 10:12.84, followed by Eagle Tanvi Ahuja in 10:21.93 while Jakarta Dragon Lotta Toppari placed third less than two seconds behind with a time of 10:23.72.
The 200m breaststroke final saw a new IASAS record set by TAS Freshman Tove Bjork with a time of 2:45.32, ahead of the previous 2:48.41 record set by Jennie Liddell of SAS in 2003. ISKL Panther Diana Redza finished second in 2:48.81 while ISB Panther Taylor Burke secured third in 2:54.50.

Despite the heavy rain and strong gusts of wind, the 100m freestyle final took place with no delay and saw the top three finishers within seconds of each other. Jane Rungrotekitsakul of the ISB Panthers clinched gold in a hard-fought race, with a time of 1:00.23. A change of pace from Netta Chalermpalanupap of Jakarta took her from fourth place to second, securing silver in 1:01.42. Therese Vainius of the SAS Eagles finished third, miliseconds behind with a time of 1:01.48.

As the rain subsided, the 400m medley relay teams took their positions by the starting boards for the final event of the day. Bangkok started off with a strong start with Jane Rungrotekitsakul pulling slightly ahead of Singapore’s Jenny Alberts. Holding the lead until the third leg, the Panthers were bumped to second as Maya Kale took off after Carolyn Koh completed the second leg, and gained the Eagles the lead. SAS anchor Therese Vainius pulled further ahead in the final leg, placing first with a time of 4:39.59, breaking the IASAS record set in 2009 by Singapore in 4:40.28. ISB placed second (4:48.41) while the Tigers finished third (5:01.32), both breaking their respective school records.


The 200m individual medley saw Viktor Bjork of Taipei place first with a time of 2:13.20, followed  by Justin Buck of Jakarta with a time of 2:16.80 and ISB Panther Joe Kaewbaidhoon with 2:16.99.

Beginning in lane four after his previous victory in the preliminaries, Johnathan Lee of TAS was considered an early favorite to take gold in the 800 meter freestyle before Ted Chritton stole the show in front of his home crowd with a nine second lead. Chritton finished in 8:50.89, Lee with a time of 8:59.31. Dennis Chu of SAS took the bronze with a time of 9:07.59.

The 200 meter breaststroke finals saw Justin Buck of Jakarta pull out ahead in front of Singapore’s Alex Rossinsky at the end and clinch first place with a time of 2:29.02. Haakon Brekke and Alex Li of ISB and TAS, placed third and fourth respectively, with a margin of just milliseconds.

With overcast skies, the 100m freestyle finals saw the finishing times all within mere seconds of each other. Levar Goossen of ISKL took on an initial lead shortly after the start of the race, and finished first with a time of 52.61. In second place with a time of 53.58 was fellow team member Kareem Gibson, followed by Nelson Turk, captain of the ISB team with a time of 55.36.

After the rain stopped pouring and the skies cleared up, the relay swimmers all prepared for the last race of the day. The Taipei Tigers and the Singapore Eagles went neck-and-neck during the start of the first leg but the gap widened as the swimmers began their second lap. Eagle Duncan Clysdale bridged the gap for SAS, though Taipei’s lead once again widened during the third and fourth leg. The Tigers placed first (4:.03.86), breaking the IASAS record (4:08.37) and the TAS record (4:09.36). SAS took the silver (4:12.96), and the ISB Panthers, bronze (4:28.19).

Friday morning results:


Friday afternoon results:

Friday Afternoon Results

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