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IASAS Volleyball and Cross-Country hosted in Taipei

Posted on 19 October 2016 by dharter

The 2016 IASAS Volleyball Championships and Cross Country Championships are hosted by Taipei American School on October 20-22nd.

Follow the action from the Volleyball including the Live Stream of matches at:

Follow the Cross Country results at:




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2015 – 2016 Season 1 Sports Tournament Results

Posted on 10 October 2015 by sloanr

IASAS Season One tournaments have concluded. Congratulations to all student athletes, coaches and parents for making Season One sports a success. We hope you enjoyed watching some of the events live and we want to thank all who made the live streaming possible. We have come to take the streaming of live events for granted, but keep in mind it is a huge undertaking with many people volunteering to make the events come to you live.  Thanks also to the folks who create websites where you find results and images from the tournaments. Thank you to the students, IT folks and teachers who bring the IASAS experience onto your screens.  Last but not least, thank you to the Athletic Directors and their staffs who make the tournaments a success.

Here are the results from each of the Season One tournaments:  (Click thumbnail image for full view)

Cross Country  

Time Trials                                                 5k Race

CrossCountry_TimeTrialResults                     CrossCountry_5kResults

Combined Results    CrossCountry_CombinedResults




Boys   Volleyball_BoysResults    Girls Volleyball_GirlsResults

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2015 Season 1 Volleyball and Cross Country @ ISB

Posted on 02 October 2015 by sloanr

The 2015 – 2016 IASAS Season 1 serves-up Volleyball and Cross Country in Bangkok. Follow the action with live feeds and keep up with photos and results by viewing the ISB IASAS site.


Schedule of Events


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Season 1 Results

Posted on 19 October 2014 by sloanr

Season 1 IASAS provided some exciting moments for both athletes and spectators. Here is a summary of the results from each sport.

Boys: Gold – SAS, Silver – ISM & Bronze – ISB           Girls: Gold – SAS, Silver ISM, & Bronze – TAS

Round Robin Results:   Volleyball_Results_RR  All Tournament Volleyball_AllTournament


Cross Country

Girls: Gold – SAS, Silver – TAS & Bronze – ISB          Boys: Gold – ISB, Silver – SAS & Bronze – JIS

Girls 5 Km results:CrossCountry_Results_Girls5K   Boys 5 Km results: CrossCountry_Results_Boys5K  Overall Results: CrossCountry_Results_Team  All Tournament CrossCountry_AllTournament



BOYS:   Gold – SAS,   Silver –  ISB,    Bronze – JIS,     4th – TAS,  5th –  ISM,  6th – ISKL

GIRLS:  Gold – SAS,   Silver – TAS,   Bronze – ISKL,   4th – ISB,   5th – JIS,  6th –  ISM

In the girls finals, SAS scored with about 5 minutes left to win the game, while in the boys game, SAS scored 45 seconds into injury time to tie it up 1-1 and send the match into overtime. SAS then scored a nice goal 2 minutes into the first extra period to clinch the gold medal.

All Tournament selections:


ISM – Tisha Harold, Andrea Preysler

JIS – Rhode Thijssen, Taylor Larsen

ISKL – Deanna Williams, Petra Blackburn, Emilie Indreberg

ISB – Tori Alexander, Julia Tarrega

SAS – Abbo Nathan, Paola Hoffer, Caroline In De Brekt, Emma Gorden

TAS – Hannah Woods, Shizuka Tei, Amy Hsu



ISM – Johnny McArtor, Hayden Landry

ISKL – Asuka Ioka, Shivam Yadav

SAS – Ian Arzel, Ian Stuart, Tristan Grigg, Hugo Rubin

JIS – Sam VAnderlinden, Jin Woo Kim, Santiago Medina

TAS – Andrew Chow, Oliver Gerbig,

ISB – Yuto Mizusaka, Mingyu Shin, Jeff Kraprayoon

Photos from ISKL soccer Days 2 & 3  are available at the following links: (page loading may take a few minutes)


1) Friday – IASAS Soccer 2014 – GS – ISKL vs ISB

2) Friday – IASAS Soccer 2014 – GS – ISM vs TAS

3) Friday – IASAS Soccer 2014 – BS – ISM vs JIS

4) Friday – IASAS Soccer 2014 – BS – TAS vs ISB

5) Friday – IASAS Soccer 2014 – GS – ISKL vs ISM

6) Friday – IASAS Soccer 2014 – GS – ISM vs TAS

7) Friday – IASAS Soccer 2014 – GS – TAS vs SAS


1) Saturday – IASAS Soccer 2014 – BS – JIS vs ISB

2) Saturday – IASAS Soccer 2014 – BS – ISKL vs ISM

3) Saturday – IASAS Soccer 2014 – BS – SAS vs TAS

4) Saturday – IASAS Soccer 2014 – BS – TAS vs JIS

The ISKL video capturing the entire IASAS Soccer tournament can be found here.

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2014 Season 1 Volleyball & Cross Country @ ISM 16-18 October

Posted on 15 October 2014 by sloanr

Follow the action from ISM, Soccer and Cross Country using this link:

Streaming, results photos and more can be found here. Thanks to ISM for hosting and providing another great IASAS experience for our student athletes.

2014_VB_Sched  2014_Xctry_Sched

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2014 IASAS Season One Competition Begins on 16 October

Posted on 09 October 2014 by sloanr

The 2014 School Year is underway and the first IASAS sports competition is about to begin. ISM will host Volleyball & Cross Country while ISKL will host soccer.

Competition starts on 16 October and concludes with medal rounds on Saturday, 18 October. Be sure to check back here for links to the sites where you can find results, streams and all the information you are looking for.

A large number of programs have been scanned and placed in the Programs area of the IASAS site. Check out the programs from various IASAS events. Cultural Convention programs as well as sports programs can be found in “flip-book” format and are guaranteed to bring back some memories of your participation in IASAS.

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2013 Cross-Country @ JIS

Posted on 08 October 2013 by sloanr

Cross country races will be run at JIS on the 11th & 12th of October. You can follow the X-Country action here. Live streaming of the races, results and photos are all here so you can follow your favorite runners as they pound the pavement in search of gold.

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Cross Country Results

Posted on 12 October 2012 by iasas

We had a fantastic race this morning. The weather was perfect (not too hot). We kicked off with a new system today. All of the runners had timing chips which seemed to work really well. I was really impressed with the great atmosphere created by the athletes and coaches this morning. A special thanks to the crew that set up the race (Sundara, Letch and Dominic, Scott Muir and Pete Casey), all the officials, the marshals, coaches and don’t forget the athletes who slogged up those hills.

Please check out the Boys and Girls results here.

Please check out the photos here.

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IASAS Volleyball/Cross-Country Program

Posted on 11 October 2012 by iasas

Hi Everyone, if you want to know what is going on at ISKL during the tournament then have a look at the below link for the program.


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IASAS Cross-Country 2012

Posted on 09 October 2012 by iasas

The Cross-Country Organizers this year are very excited about hosting at two different venues. The individual race is a true Cross-Country course with hills, turns, and even some off road to throw in the mix. It is set at Empangan Batu on Friday morning, and should challenge even the most hardy runners. I hope the athletes have all been putting the time into their hill climbing.

The team race on Saturday morning is a little closer to ISKL and is a fantastic loop course which will throw out some very fast times. There is a gradual climb for about 1.5km before a very fast 1.5km descent.

Look out for some hot times this year from some very challenging runs!

The Cross country teams are out on the courses as we speak soaking up the mid morning sun and probably wishing they had a big bottle of water.

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