2015 Season 2 Results

Posted on 31 January 2015 by sloanr

Another successful IASAS Season 2 has concluded. Congratulations to all the athletes, parents, coaches and tournament staff for giving the IASAS community some wonderful memories. The streaming and websites from each school require a lot of work and a big thank you goes out to all involved in bringing the events to the entire IASAS community, especially to the alumni who cheer on their teams from afar. Well done one and all.

Here are the results:  (Click on images to view.)

Basketball:  2015_BasketballResults

Rugby:  2015_RugbyResults

Touch:  2015_TouchResults


Swimming:  Results from the ISB Blog:  2015_SwimResults

Records Broken: 2015_SwimRecords

Tennis: (Click on image to enlarge)   2015_BoysTennis_FinalMatches     2015_GirlsTennis_FinalMatches

Individual Tennis Scores: 2015_BoysTennis_IndividualResults   2015_GirlsTennis_IndividualResults

Scores from Medal Rounds:  2015_BoysTennis_FinalMatch  2015_BoysTennis_3_4_Match

2015_GirlsTennis_FinalMatch   2015_GirlsTennis_3_4Match


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