2014 Season 3 Sports Summary

Posted on 16 April 2014 by sloanr

This year’s 3rd season events went off without a hitch. Good weather dominated most venues (softball always has rain/storm delays so the softball teams are always thankful when they have full games and a complete schedule!) and the competition was keen. Here are some results and highlights.  (Links in results go to YouTube video of the medal round matches.)

Boys: 1st TAS;  2nd ISB;  3rd ISKL;  4th ISM;  5th JIS;  6th SAS
Girls:  1st TAS;  2nd SAS;  3rd ISM;  4th ISB;  5th JIS;  6th ISKL

Boys:  1st TAS;  2nd SAS;  3rd ISB;  4th ISM;  5th ISKL;  6th JIS
Girls:   1st ISB;  2nd SAS;  3rd TAS;  4th JIS;  5th ISM;  6th ISKL

Boys:  1st ISB;  2nd SAS;  3rd TAS;  4th ISKL;  5th ISM;  6th JIS
Girls:   1st SAS;  2nd ISM;  3rd ISB;  4th TAS;  5th JIS;  6th ISKL

Track & Field
Boys:  1st ISM;  2nd SAS;  3rd JIS;   4th ISB;  5th TAS;  6th ISKL
Girls:   1st SAS;  2nd ISM;  3rd TAS;  4th ISKL;  5th JIS;  6th ISB

The IASAS Triple-Four Award  (Goes to an athlete who participated in a sport each season, each year.)
ISB – Katie Henderson, Jayna Milan, Cha Patra-Yanan;  ISKL – Saskia Blackburn, Martin Sung;  ISM – Valerie Toze

Golf Individual Leaders both Boys & Girls (click image)Golf Results Individuals

All Tournament:  Boys: ISB – Joseph Almlie 12, Connor Curtis 12, Yuta Koiwai 12, Hangyu Shin 9; SAS – Josh Dawe 12, Tucker Erdmann 12, Daniel McConaghy 11; TAS – JinHo Dupont 12, Vincent Yang 12; ISKL – Miguel Habana 11; ISM – Rafael Esguerra 10; JIS – Jeremy Kerson 12
Girls: SAS – Allena Ferguson 12, Tess Nelligan 11, Devon Reagan 12, Chris Schindele 12; ISM – Andy Ayala 12, Monica Martinez 9, Chiara Squillantini 10; ISB – Toffy Charupatanapongse 12, Crystal Lam 12; TAS – Allison Chu 9; JIS – Taylor Larson 11; ISKL – Alexa Leisure 12

Badminton All Tournament
Boys: S1 – Morgan Chien-Hale TAS;  S2 – Phone Vilailuck ISB;  S3 – Shivam Yadav ISKL;  D1 – Nick Chang & Dong Eun Lee ISM;  D2 – Ray Chen & Virgil Hsu TAS; A – Sean Lin TAS
Girls: S1 – Caroline Tung TAS;  S2 – Florence Lo TAS;  S3 – Annie Chen TAS;  D1 – Irene Wu & Phoebe Tseng TAS;  D2 – Vritti Sethi & Monica Yen SAS; A – Kelly Wong TAS

Track Record Breakers (click image)    Track_RecordBreakers





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