2014 Badminton And Softball @ SAS 10 – 12 April

Posted on 08 April 2014 by sloanr

This year SAS will host both Badminton and Softball @ the beautiful and spacious Woodlands campus.

The tournament website is here.  From there you can check both Badminton and Softball.

Badminton will be streamed live on the tournament website but only the Consolation and Final matches will be archived on YouTube.

Softball will not be streamed live but you can follow all the action on GameChanger. The link to GameChanger is here: Look for IASAS Softball and the 2014 IASAS Softball listing …  or  for Girls’  games use this link and find the school you want to follow, for Boys’ games the link is here, then find the team you want to follow.  Consolation games and Final game will be archived on YouTube.

If you want to receive “fan notifications” for boys’ teams use this link. If you want to follow along and receive “fan notifications” for the girls’ teams use this link.






Tournament Website: http://iasas.sasclubs.com/


Girls’ Softball Fan link: http://www.gamechanger.io/tmt/spring-2014/2014-iasas-softball-tournaments-girls-5342e3fb7b58a849aa648d6a

Boy’s Softball Fan link: http://www.gamechanger.io/tmt/spring-2014/2014-iasas-softball-tournaments-boys-5342e3d8874cd06653476f9c


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