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1991 – 2000 Programs

Posted on 14 March 2014 by sloanr

ISKL was the host for Soccer in October of 1991. Here is the program from ISKL Soccer.

TAS hosted Swimming in February of 1991. Check out the program here.

ISKL hosted Track & Field in April of 1991 and you can see most of the program here. (We are sorry to say a page was missing.)

Volleyball @ JIS in October of 1992 was documented in this program.   Soccer @ SAS in October of 1992See their program here.

Basketball @ TAS in February of 1992. The program is here.                      MUN was at TAS in 1992Program here.

ISM hosted Basketball in 1993. The program is here. The Bamboo report of the tournament is here. (Trivia: What was the nickname of the ISM teams in 1993?)

Track & Field was at ISB in 1993. The program is here.          Volleyball in 1993 was @ TAS. The program is here.

Track & Field in 1995 was @ ISM.  Here is the program.  Volleyball & Cross Country Invitational were @ ISB in 1995. The program is here.

Swimming in 1996 was held @ JIS. The program is here.  Volleyball in 1996 was @ JIS, the program is here.

The 1st Cross Country event in 1996 @ TAS, see the program here.  Badminton in 1997 @ TAS. See the program here.

In 1997 Volleyball was @ ISM. See the program here.   Cross Country & Soccer were hosted by SAS in 1997. The program is here.

Badminton in 1998 @ TAS has it’s program here.  Basketball was @ TAS in 1998. The program is here.

Rugby & Touch were @ ISKL in 1998. The program, missing a page, is here.  Swimming @ SAS in 1998, program here.

Track & Field in 1998 @ ISB. The program is here.  Cross Country & Soccer @ ISB in 1998. See the program here.

Volleyball in 1998 @ SAS. See the program here.              Basketball in 1999 was @ ISKL. The program is here.

Rugby & Touch in 1999 was to be @ JIS but was moved to TAS due to the uncertain political situation in Jakarta. Program.

Swimming & Tennis were together in 1999 @ ISM. Program here.           Soccer @ ISKL in 1999 & the program is here.

The program from Soccer @ JIS in 2000.       Badminton @ TAS in 2000, the program is here.

Rugby & Touch @ ISKL in 2000, the program is here.    Swimming @ ISM in 2000 and the program is here.

In 2000 Tennis @ ISB had this program.   2000  Track & Field @ SAS and the program is here.

2000 saw Soccer @ JIS and you can see the program here.


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