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ISKL Touch/ Rugby 2013 game updates

Posted on 31 January 2013 by iasas

SAS vs. ISKL, Boys Rugby Finals – 5:30pm

The rugby IASAS championships was indeed tough opposition. The teams were both heavy on the defense as well as aggressive with tackling. In the first five minutes, ISKL’s number 13 scored a tri putting the score at 5-0. Later, number 14 from ISKL tackles an SAS player that was very close to scoring. As ISKL’s number 15 attempted to score another tri, number 32 from SAS tackled him. By the end of the first half, SAS’s number 15 was tackled by ISKL’s number 15. A couple minutes into the second half, SAS scores a tri, but doesn’t make the kick, tying the score up at 5-5. ISKL’s number 12 then tackles number 13 from SAS. Soon afterwards number 13 from ISKL scored again and also the kick, making the score 12-5. With 3 minutes left in the game, SAS scores a tri, but not the kick. The game is dragged on, as the audience is unsure which team is going to win. Soon enough, the whistle blows, and ISKL wins the IASAS rugby championships!
ISB vs. ISM, Girls Touch Final, 4:30pm
International School of Bangkok (ISB)  and International School of Manila (ISM) are playing the touch championship game. Right off the bat, ISB’s defense is tight and well played, although in the first 3 minutes, number 21 from ISM scored the first point of the game. Both teams are attacking each other fiercely. Soon afterwards, number 2 from ISB scores a point at around 9 and a half minutes, which ties the score at 1-1. Number 14 from ISB then fails to catch the ball from a teammate. Later, number 20 from ISM drops the ball just before scoring. The game gets obviously more aggressive as number 20 from ISB elbowed number 8 from ISM in the face, although she was unfazed. The score was still tied as the second half began. With 7 and a half minutes left in the game, ISB’s number 2 scores a point. Right after that, number 16 from ISM catches a pass and slams the ball down to score the second point for ISM, tying the score and proving that both teams are indeed worthy of the IASAS championships. As the 2 minute 50 mark passes, number 29 from ISB scores a quick point. Manila’s quick passing and runs weren’t as helpful as made out to be. ISB won the game by a point, the final score being 3-2. International School of Bangkok won the IASAS touch championships!
TAS vs. JIS, Day 3,  3:45pm

As the game starts, it’s obvious that both Taipei American School (TAS) and Jakarta International School (JIS) are great competition. For the first five minutes, no one had scored. Soon, number 13 from JIS runs across the field, just about to score a tri, but number 6 from TAS tackles him to the ground. Afterwards, number 8 from JIS pounces on his chance to tackle. Number 7 from TAS is escorted by paramedics as he’s injured, looking as if it’s right near his face, but the game still continued. Number 15 from TAS is running across the field but number 7 from JIS tackles him, expecting him to fall. Instead, number 15 shoves him off. Later, TAS’s number 3 makes a run for it, almost scoring a tri but is tackled by number 4 from JIS. Again, TAS makes an attempt to score, this time number 13 darting across the field but number 9 from JIS tackles him to the ground, attracting more JIS team member. Number 8 from TAS tries to help the team out and runs across the field but is tackled right in front of the line. It was a tough game for TAS, as indicated by the final score of 7-0 in favor of JIS. 

ISB vs ISM, day 3, 2.15pm

The first half of the game was relatively uneventful, with both teams evenly matched and hindered by the sweltering Malaysian sun. The first half was seemingly going to end in favor of neither, until ISB scored 7 points in the last minute. This miraculous score was not repeated by ISB, unfortunately, and the second half saw victory for Manila. The center of action shifted to ISB’s side of the field. At 8 minutes, Manila scored 7 points, and with less than 2 minutes left, Manila tumbled past ISB defenses to score another 5 points.


ISKL vs TAS, Touch, Day 3, 1:30

The first half began and ended in TAS’s favor, with the TAS girls moving too fast and too evasively for ISKL’s team to defend. The second half began with both teams being forced to defend their goals closely, and both teams almost scoring goals. At around the 6 minute mark, TAS broke through ISKL’s defense and scored. At the 4 minute mark TAS scored once again. The match ended at ISKL with 0 points, and TAS with 4 points.

JIS VS ISM Rugby, Day 3, 11.45

After 15 minutes of defending by both teams and playing attacking rugby JIS played football from one side of the field to the other to score their try and open up the score sheet. Number 12 from ISM has been having a fantastic game with making majorities of the run deep into the hearts if the Jakarta’s defense.

With JIS attacking for the whole game the final whistle blows with JIS winning 17-0 against ISM


ISKL VS SAS Rugby, Day 3 , 11am

With 3 minutes gone and SAS lead with 7 points. SAS has been very offensive for the past 10 minutes and ISKL being exposed in the defensive area. Though with 2 minutes remaining ISKL have fought back from 19-0 to 19-12 at half time. With the 2nd half almost coming to an end ISKL is on the attack and giving SAS a tough time but the score line favors SAS 24-17. Final whistle. SAS wins 24-17 and both teams will meet again in the finals.

ISB VS TAS (Rugby), Day 3 10:15

With the first half gone TAS has been the better team with making affective plays and attacks deep inside ISB’s defense.  Half time score is 0-0 with TAS looking strong enough to take the lead in the 2nd half.

Finally! After countless attacks and runs, TAS takes the lead and opens the score sheet. Number 13 has been having a terrific game and has been put on the score sheet. Final score 7-5 to TAS after a great fight from Bangkok in the last 2 minutes of the game but it wasn’t enough to turn it around for ISB


SAS vs ISB, Touch, Day 3, 9.30am

The game began and remained in ISB’s favor. SAS took a blow at the 5 minute mark, with a teammate injured and carried off the field. Their defense steady, though, and they manage to block ISB’s strong offensive. ISB’s offensive involved three girls making way towards the goal, keeping tight formation, with other teammates circling on the outside. This tactic worked, and ISB made one last shock goal with less than 30 seconds to the end of the first half, putting the score at 0:4 SAS:ISB.

SAS defended against ISB, but ISB’s strong offensive maneuvers got them another goal around the 8 minute mark. Using a strategy of tight formation and quick, smooth evasive maneuvers, ISB made two more scores, at the 4 minute mark and 1 minute mark, going on to win a victory against SAS’s girls with a score of 7:0.


ISM vs. SAS Rugby, Day 2, 4:45

“On the last game of today, February 1st, International School of Manila (ISM) and Singapore American School (SAS) played aggressively. Right off the bat in the second minute, number 24 from SAS scored a quick point. Afterwards, number 22 from Manila tackled number 5 from SAS. Soon after, number 15 from ISM scored. The heat of the late afternoon not only wiped out the audience, but also there was visible lagging from both teams. Nonetheless, parents and students their teams with excited cheers and enthusiastic shouting. Singapore lead the scoreboard right into the second half. There were many hard tackles from Singapore. “This was the most brutal school game I’ve seen this week in IASAS.” said Irene K, freshman from ISKL. Both teams were stiff competition for each other. SAS won the game with a final score of 17 to 7.

ISKL vs TAS Rugby, DAY 2, 4pm

Today’s game with ISKL against TAS was sadly one sided with ISKL winning 33-5. ISKL had a strong defense capable of somehow stopping TAS’s offence before the try line, but after several strong attempts TAS managed to score a try. In the middle of the game however one of the TAS players were injured when asked members of both teams commented that he may have a minor concussion.

JIS vs ISB boys rugby, Day 2, 3.15pm

The 3.15 game between ISB and Jakarta was certainly one not to miss.  With the ISB panthers scoring within the first minute, the game was sure off to a great start. Shortly after that, JIS had a great run, followed by a second one, putting them 5 points ahead of the panthers at 10-5. The referee’s obnoxious pink shirt matched the color of the boy’s faces this afternoon out here in the intense Malaysian heat. The boys were able to keep it together despite the brutal 3:00 sun.  It was a close match overall with two very evenly matched teams. However, in the last minute the dragons were able to pull it together and make an amazing comeback from 17-15 (they were at 15) and managed to beat the panthers with 22-17. The ISB boys soon made a quick comeback and tied the game at 22-22 for an amazing finish.


ISB vs TAS  Touch – Day 2, 2.30pm

 Despite a a score of 6-1 – in favor of the International School of Bangkok – the final score line is not retrospective of a ‘demolition.’ Taipei played very well and had some great combinations and plays; they came very close to scoring several times. It was ISB who took the lead in the first four minutes. The Panthers’ number 16 then began to threaten the TAS defensive line with her intimidating speed and superior height by carving up the right wing. Number 24 of ISB then came close to scoring but was touched at the very last second. TAS then counter-attacked brilliantly, but could not get past the robust Thai defensive line. Number 24 of ISB threatened again with a very nice ‘fake’ but then a touch resulted in a turnover for Taipei. Number 18 of the Panthers then sidestepped three players and strived for the spectacular, but her tri, unfortunately, was disallowed. The second half was a much different

story. ISB were off to a great start, but the pressure started to rise when number one of TAS began orchestrating great plays. Number fourteen of Taipei sprinted on the left wing and dove for a disallowed tri. The Panthers were then given some breathing space when number 20 doubled their lead. Number 16 of ISB demonstrated breath-taking speed and relentlessly sprinted straight down the middle of the TAS defensive line but was touched at the last second. Playmaker, Number 1 of TAS, performed a fancy little fake, but unfortunately, a touch resulted in a turnover. Numbers thirteen and fourteen of TAS then began to combine well with spellbinding passing and movement, but a forward pass manipulated another turnover. Speedy number thirteen of ISB popped the ball up for a wrap, but a touch prevented a great tri. ISB had a magnificent counter-attack and a huge gap left in the Taipei defense in the left side allowed number twenty-three of ISB to sprint and strive for a tri but a great touch prevented her from doing so. ISB number 16 caught a ball on the overlap and scored.

Number eight of Taipei then showed more of her astounding speed and scored a marvelous try to give a fraction of hope to TAS. Yet, less than a minute had gone by before number 20 of ISB increased their score to 4-1. Great vision from number 15 of ISB enabled number 16 to score yet again. Number two of ISB then carved up the right wing and performed an astute pop for another tri; leaving the final scorel ine at 6-1. The match, despite the score line, was not really ‘one-sided.’ Both teams played brilliant touch rugby. “It was tough, but the whole team pulled through.” – Shiza Ka-Tai, Number 8, TAS.


JIS vs SAS Rugby Day 2(11:00-11:45)

A very aggressive and suspenseful game, in the first half both sides were equally matched and SAS showed particular tact in passing the ball and effective communication. The ball was even kicked out over the compound twice. There was a minor injury on the TAS side but it was managed with a smooth exchange of players and the injured player recovered well, resuming his position in the game.

SAS clearly came out invigorated to the second half, consistently in lead, but both sides played in equal aggression. In the end, JIS earned 5 points through a drop-kick.  A true test of abilities for both sides, an invigorating game for the audience.  Final score: 5-19



ISKL vs ISB Rugby Day 2 , 10.15am

ISKL versus ISB jumped straight into the action, with Riley Fergus (#15) making the first score against ISB for 5 points early in the game. A majority of the first half was spent on our side of the field, but we met ISB’s strong offense with an even stronger defense. The second half of the game began in ISB’s favor, with an impressive offense that culminated in a 7-point goal by #2 on ISB. The ISKL boys quickly became accustomed to the opposite side of the field, and Riley Fergus once again scored against ISB. The action switched back and forth from our side of the field to theirs, with both teams matching the other with intense offense and defense. Both teams made close attempts at the goal, but the final score of the match came at the hands of ISKL’s number 12, thus ending the game in a 19 – to – 7 victory for ISKL Boys.


TAS vs SAS Touch Game 1 Day 2


A suspenseful and equally matched game between the SAS eagles and the TAS tigers this morning. The first half of the game was tactfully played and well fought by both teams. One of the mothers, who wished to remain anonymous, opined that “TAS had excellent defense and SAS had equally good aggression”. Sure enough, the

The first half was particularly well played by the Eagles who maintained high pace and vigor on the field and communicated efficiently to teammates.

Both teams came into the field after the first half and within the first five minutes scored 1 touch each. There were several instances when players from either team took the lead and got very close to a touch, but as the score demonstrates, their abilities were so equally matched that either side was hard to beat.

For the players, it was a true and fair test of their ability and for the audience watching, it was an invigorating 45 minutes of suspense and fulfillment for both schools.


TAS vs SAS Touch Game 1 Day 2

A very suspenseful and equally matched game between the SAS eagles and the TAS tigers. The first half of the game was tactfully played and well fought by both teams. One of the mothers, who wished to remain anonymous, opined that “TAS had excellent defense and SAS had equally good aggression”. Sure enough, the

The first half was particularly well played by the Eagles who maintained high pace and vigor on the field and communicated efficiently to team-mates.

Both teams came into the field after the first half and within the first five minutes scored 1 touch each. There were several instances when players from either team took the lead and got very close to a touch, but as the score demonstrates, their abilities were so equally matched that either side was hard to beat.

For the players, it was a true and fair test of their ability and for the audience watching, it was an invigorating 45 minutes of suspense and fulfillment for both schools. Final score 1:1



ISKL vs JIS Rugby game 10 of Day 1


It was off to a quick start with JIS in the lead.  It was a painstaking game for the host team as JIS really tested our skills; blocking our every move.  The intensity of the game would build now and then as the home team came close to scoring but was, unfortunately, intercepted by JIS’s swift hands and flawless catching skills.  Both teams played their level best and all that could be heard was the ISKL mantra: “let’s go panthers, let’s go!”  Time was running out and ISKL was just a few points behind JIS, when Joseph made a break for it setting the ball up for Conor to dance over the line. 2 points down  all the pressure was on player #12 (Murray) of the host team.  The kick would determine it all.  He paused for a few minutes before he took the shot, and before we knew it, there was a huge applause of approval sounded through the air-it was a draw with 22 points each!  The contented ISKL crowd poured out of the bleachers to form a tunnel where the players came out pleased and, of course, exhausted.  Overall, a great action-packed game!


ISKL vs ISB Touch game 9 of Day 1

It was a true battle of the panthers in this intense game between ISKL and ISB. ISKL was looking sharp out there with some excellent runs and great passes. However the ISB girls were on the top of their game today and managed to stop a lot of the great efforts of ISKL.  “ This was one of the most intense games I’ve watched today”, says sophomore Alicia Jacobs. “Both teams gave 100%”. In the end the graceful plays of the ISB panthers paid off and they walk away from the game with the score of a not too shabby 9-0. Better luck next time ISKL!


ISM vs SAS Touch game 7 of Day 1

The audience was left awestruck after a spellbinding game between SAS and ISM. The first half of the match was engrossing with a fluctuating scoreline;The Bearcats took the lead early in the game, the Eagles were quick to equalize and scored another try to take the lead. Nonetheless, valiant number twenty – who played in the center – did a great job orchestrating plays and dove past the defensive line to bring ISM back into the game.

By the end of the first half the score was 3-2 to the Bearcats. ISM began the second half, yet had a more difficult time  trying to break the solid Singaporean defensive line. The Eagles carved up the left wing and looked set to score, but a dropped ball resulted in a disappointing turnover. The Bearcats then appeared to be ravenous to increase their lead and began attacking on both wings –  number 21 of ISM then scored on the left, changing the scoreline to 4-2. Nonetheless, a catch and tri from an overlap by number 15 of SAS put the Eagles back into the game after less than a minute. Number twenty of the Bearcats then looked set to score yet another try, but unfortunately the try was disallowed. ISM then dominated possession and toyed with the Singaporean side.
However, number 29 of SAS restored some hope by having some great runs and performing side-steps. It wasn’t long before Singapore were brought back into the game after a double substitution, where number 24 scored immediately after stepping on to the pitch by sprinting past the ISM defensive line, leveling the score at 4-4. SAS then began to pressurize their opponents with impressive rucking and eventually number twenty of the Eagles scored by side-stepping two players, leaving the scoreline at 5-4 to Singapore.
“There are two minutes left, you have to work harder then ever before!” screams the SAS coach right after they took the lead.
Yet, brilliant number 20 of ISM scored yet again to equalize the score at the very last minute. What a game – full of unexpected
turns, surprises and a great portrayal of teamwork and determination by both sides.
“It was very hot, yet we did not give up.” says number 20, Sierra Lee of ISM.



SAS vs ISB Rugby game 6 of Day 1


A great start to the game in the midday heat, Singapore’s attack pushes Bangkok back to their line. Number 14 of SAS’s team smashes through the middle of the field and takes the ball 20 meters downfield. Bangkok’s defense is rock solid ! The majority of the game has been played in-between both the 22m lines. An SAS’s break brings life back to the crowd. With half time nearing, there is still no score. We asked one of the coaches watching the game about how he felt so far, “lot of drop balls, many mistakes being made, the execution isn’t perfect ,’that of both teams”, Half time.
Yet again, two teams exhausted with the burning sun, draining the energy out of the players. But the game goes on. ISB ferociously starting the half, bringing the ball up close to the try line, but SAS display a convincing defensive line. A few minutes into the second half – still 0-0. Number 33 for SAS, with a wonderful run down the right hand wing, and…. TRY! 7-0 to SAS. Within the closing 7 minutes of the game, SAS still on the attack and gain another try due to a knock-on from ISB! 12-0 SAS. 19-0 SAS! Another try. SAS smashing ISB! Another break it goes on and on…. the game ends! Final score 31 – 0, SAS.




JIS vs TAS Rugby game 5 of Day 1


With a great atmosphere building up in the stands, two ferocious looking teams come out onto the field to show for a great-looking game. With rucks and line-outs taking place all over the field, the game hasn’t been disappointing. JIS gain a wonderful try to equalize the scores after number 18 (Ido T.)  had a convincing run across the field and put the ball down. Halftime, the score is 7-7! “The game has been really interesting! Number 18 for JIS is a beast!” said one of the ISKL students who is in awe of number 18 like the rest of us!
The teams come out for the second half, tired of the burning sun that Kuala Lumpur has to show. The game is starting off slowly but is gradually building up as TAS come out fierce and ready to attack. The ball stays in the middle of the field due to a great defensive display from both teams. TAS on the attack gain a try! first try of the half, 14-7! 35 seconds left JIS get a penalty and show for their hardwork! 14-14! Game over.



ISKL vs ISM Rugby game 4 of Day 1


A brilliant first boys rugby game today for both ISKL and ISM, they both started off this IASAS tournament with passion. Both teams were out enduring the hot morning sun whilst playing their absolute best. ISKL won with a score of 17-5 after some aggressive play against ISM’s strong defense. ISM didn’t give up and persistently used every chance they got to break through ISKL. The teams were cheered on by the huge crowd sitting on the bleachers and standing by the railings.



ISKL Vs TAS Touch game 3 of Day 1


Excitement flooded the air today as the ISKL and TAS girls went head to head in a fantastic match of Touch Rugby. The sounds roared in cheer and applause during the first half as both teams equally matched each other, where terrific plays from both teams left the first half in a neck-to-neck tie of 2 to 2. This tie held long into the second half of the game as both teams were giving it their all, however, towards the end of the second half, the ISKL girls rallied on an all-out offensive and scored twice in succession. ISKL was on the brink of scoring once more before the horn sounded, ending the game 5 to 3 for ISKL. The sound of applause was deafening for both teams. All throughout the match, players maintained immensely respectable sportsmanship, which held fast during the post-game wrap up.

ISB vs ISM touch game 2 of Day 1

ISB VS ISM was a great turnout. The atmosphere was amazing with all the loud cheers. With 5 minutes gone in the first half the score is still 0-0.

Great team play from ISB with a pass from number 12 to 2 and with a diving try!

No 2 on ISB team seems to having a fantastic game scoring her second try of the game. Some run that was from almost half way. 2-0


Immediate response from ISM with a great team play and a good way to come back to the game. GAME ON! 2-1


With 10 more minutes of the second half, No. 18 on the ISB team made a run from half way and SCORE! 3-1


With 5 more minutes and pressure mounting on ISM they had to react fast. ISM make a long pass to the far corner and another score! 3-2 to ISB!


Final whistle blows and ISB wins 3-2 over ISM

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