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Boys triple jump sees a TAS record broken

Posted on 09 April 2010 by iasas

By Nihal Krishan

SAS junior Alex Amstrup came in second place in the boys triple jump. Photo by Jessica Nguyen-Phuong.

The top four winners of the boys triple jump were decided even before the athletes had their final three runs. TAS senior Abraham Ho out-jumped his competition with a TAS record of 13 meters and 25 centimeters.

Ho had broken the TAS record last year as well, only to be topped by teammate Liam Wilson one centimeter later in the tournament.

“I was hoping I could break it again this year,” Ho said just after he broke the record.

SAS junior Alex Amstrup placed second with 12 meters and 90 centimeters.

“Depending on my practice runs and my scratches, I do little jumps to lengthen or shorten my distance to the mark,” he said.

Triple jump, an event which requires athletes to take three jumps before they leap into the pit was full of interruptions today. TAS junior Liam Wilson, who placed 5th with a distance of 12 meters and 58 centimeters and ISKL sophomore Connor Neudorf had to leave the triple jump event midway in order to compete in other events for track. The whole event took over 2 hours because of these interruptions. ISM senior Ali Majied came 3rd with a distance of 12 meters and 77 centimeters; SAS senior Blake Peters came in fourth place with 12 meters and 63 centimeters; and ISKL junior Camille Dilindi came 6th with 12 meters and 30 centimeters.

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