3rd Season, Badminton, Golf, Softball, Track and Field

2014 Season 3 Sports Summary

This year’s 3rd season events went off without a hitch. Good weather dominated most venues (softball always has rain/storm delays so the softball teams are always thankful when they have full games and a complete schedule!) and the competition was keen. Here are some results and highlights.  (Links in results go to YouTube video of […]

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3rd Season, Badminton, Softball

2014 Badminton And Softball @ SAS 10 – 12 April

This year SAS will host both Badminton and Softball @ the beautiful and spacious Woodlands campus. The tournament website is here.  From there you can check both Badminton and Softball. Badminton will be streamed live on the tournament website but only the Consolation and Final matches will be archived on YouTube. Softball will not be […]

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3rd Season, Track and Field

2014 Track & Field @ JIS 10-12 April

Track & Field will be on the JIS campus this year, with events starting on the 10th of April and ending on the 12th. You can follow the action at this site.   Site for Track & Field is:  http://iasas.jisedu.or.id/trackandfield

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3rd Season, Golf

2014 Golf @ TAS 10 – 12 April

Golf will be hosted by TAS this year with action taking place at two different courses. Check the website for results, photos from the tournament and an “up-to-the-last-match” leaderboard. See the courses, follow the action here.   TAS Golf Website:  http://iasasgolf2014.com/

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3rd Season, Softball

2013 Softball @ TAS

It was a rainy and cool setting in Taipei but the teams played on each day with no delays. You can find all the information you want on TAS Softball website.   Scores and more can be found on the website.    

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2001 – 2010 Programs

Posted on 31 March 2014

Click the link to see the program for each event. Swimming in 2001 @ TAS.    Soccer @ ISB in 2001.   Volleyball @ TAS in 2001. Badminton in 2002 @ ISKL.   Basketball @ JIS in 2002.  Cultural Convention Dance & Drama @ TAS in 2002. Rugby & Touch in 2002 @ ISB.  Swimming […] Continue Reading

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