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2015 Cultural Convention Music @ ISB 5-7 March

ISB hosts the musical performances for Cultural Convention from 5-7 March. You will find schedules, a copy of the program, rosters and a link to live streaming of performances at the ISB CC site linked here.       (Link to site also found here:

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2015 Cultural Convention Debate and Forensics @ ISM 5-7 March

ISM hosts IASAS Debate and Forensics from 5 – 7 March. You can find the schedule of events, live streams, photos and reults information at the ISM Cultural Convention Debate and Forensics site here.       (Link:

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2015 Cultural Convention Art, Dance, Drama & Tech @ SAS 5-7 March

IASAS Cultural Convention gathers at SAS for Art, Dance, Drama & Tech Thursday – Saturday, 5-7 March. Schedules of workshops, links to art with narratives by the artist, event photos and video are all available on the SAS website linked here.   Some examples of the art on display is shown below. Click the image […]

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2014 CC Art, Dance & Drama @ JIS 6 – 8 March

The beautiful campus at JIS is the venue for the Art, Dance & Drama portion of IASAS Cultural Convention this year. You can view the CC Art, Dance & Drama site and follow along at the link posted here. The site gives you the schedule, team members and video so you can enjoy the talent […]

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2014 CC Debate & Forensics @ TAS 6-8 March

  TAS will host the 2014 IASAS Debate and Forensic teams from 6 March – 8 March. Use this link to find the schedule and related information. The Finals will be streamed live on Saturday. Check the TAS CC website for more information.  

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2015 Season 2 Results

Posted on 31 January 2015

Another successful IASAS Season 2 has concluded. Congratulations to all the athletes, parents, coaches and tournament staff for giving the IASAS community some wonderful memories. The streaming and websites from each school require a lot of work and a big thank you goes out to all involved in bringing the events to the entire IASAS […] Continue Reading

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2015 Season 2 Rugby – Touch & Swimming @ ISB

Posted on 24 January 2015

ISB will be a busy campus from 29 January – 31 January as they host IASAS Rugby, Touch and Swimming. The ISB site for updates on all the sporting news & streams from the “Panther Den” can be found here. Twitter users should  use the hashtag:  #iasasbkk   and there is a Facebook page created […] Continue Reading

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