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2016 IASAS 3rd Season Summary: Badminton, Golf, Softball and Track & Field

The 2015-2016 IASAS 3rd Season came to a conclusion on 9 April with some exciting finishes. Congratulations to all the athletes who participated in their sport as well as a huge thank you to the host school communities for their hard work in making the tournaments a success.  The results from each sport are shown […]

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2016 Season 3 Softball @ ISB 7-9 April

This 2016 Slowpitch Softball tournament will be the last of it’s kind. Starting in 2017 the tournament will feature fastpitch softball for the girls and baseball for the boys. ISB is hosting the tournament and they will honor the thirty-three years of IASAS Softball at the Opening Ceremony, which will be streamed live. Be sure […]

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2016 Season 3 Badminton @ SAS 7 – 9 April

SAS hosts the 2016 Badminton tournament. Results, photos and streams can be found at the SAS site linked here.  Match action begins on 7 April  and concludes on 9 April.  

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2016 3rd Season Golf @ JIS 7 – 9 April

JIS will host the 2016 IASAS Golf tournament from 7 – 9 April. Play will be at the beautiful Jagowari Golf Course.  You can see rosters, daily schedules, pictures and results at the JIS IASAS Golf site linked here.

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2016 Season 3 IASAS Track & Field @ TAS 7 – 9 April

TAS will host the 2016 IASAS Track & Field competition from 7 – 9 April. You can find team information, schedules, pictures, results and a live stream at this link.

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2016 Cultural Convention Music @ ISM 3-5 March

Posted on 28 February 2016

The 2016 Cultural Convention Music Festival is hosted by ISM this year. Once again the amazing talents students of the AISAS schools will be on display from 3 – 5 March. You can find the schedule of events as well as the list of conductors, delegates and media for this year’s Music Cul-Con at this […] Continue Reading

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2016 Cultural Convention Debate and Forensics @ ISKL 3-5 March

Posted on 24 February 2016

Cultural Convention Debate & Forensics events will be hosted by ISKL from 3-5 March.  The ISKL CC website will provide you with the schedule, a link for the live stream, photos and more. Check the ISKL CC website to learn more about each event. Continue Reading

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